Tuesday, January 19, 2010

What Now?

So, now that I've disappeared, what do I do. Where do I go. I mean, where do magicians go when they slide out of that box, or drop under the stage after they have a massive cloak thrown over them? What do they think about? What do they do? Is their adrenaline rushing so fast that they never stop and relax before returning to the spotlight.

I wonder if they ever wonder about not returning. Staying back in the shadows only to see how the crowd will react after there is no sign of the magician moments later. Does the audience up and leave without regard or do they stay hoping for the return of their entertainer?

Hmmm, I ask myself these same questions, because, I knew I wanted to disappear, the question is... for how long and what will I do to prepare myself for this new act that I am so ready to showcase. An act so raw and so real that only the true fans will stick around to watch AND participate while the rest of the audience attempts to quietly sneak out the side doors.

Well, here goes nothing. Lights, camera, no action. This show has been cancelled until further notice. Let the re-writing begin.

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