Friday, January 22, 2010

Spring Cleaning

I need to learn to let things go... well, people and things any way... so today I started... I cleaned out my room like I was about to have a garage sale. Everything, well almost everything, any guy ever gave me I'm trashing it. Now, there are some exceptions to this, like the hoodies I love to wear so much, I kept one of those, oh and some of the stuffed animals. I kept a couple of those too.

Then, I took the liberty of cleaning my room like I always do. Dusting off my furniture, cleaning my windows... the normal stuff. I had a feeling before I started cleaning that once my room had a little more space in it then so would my heart. And that is exactly what happened. Although I'm not ready to dive headfirst back into life. I do feel quite a bit of weight lifted from my shoulders.

Hmmm, I finally figured that in order to feel less overwhelmed I need to clear out the things that are weighing on me. So I did, figuratively and literally. I believe I'm beginning to form a smile... hmmm sunshine.

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